Helpful Websites – The manufacturer of the DTR foreskin restoration device. This site is full of information and great pictures.  Very inspiring. – A great film about the myths of circumcision.  Has lots of information about how a foreskin works and how and why people started circumcising. – This is the organization that has all the great forums that I read for advice, information, and inspiration.  A must if you are restoring. – This is the site that pushed me over the edge and convinced me to commit to the restoring process.  If you click on every link on here, read every word, and look at every picture and video, there is no way you will want to continue on with a circumcised penis.  Its the most compelling argument I have seen yet.  Plus there is a great eBook on this site that is highly informative as well.  And its free!!circumcision/cvo2 – Another great site with several links to circumcision and foreskin restoration information.


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