A new tool enters the mix

Its time to talk about retaining, but first a little background.  When a penis is circumcised, it changes the glans from an internal organ, to an external.  The glans of the penis is supposed to stay covered all the time by a foreskin.  When it is covered in its natural state, it stays shiny and moist and is able to self lubricate to an extent.  It also stays very sensitive, and provides much of the sensitivity during sex.  When a penis is circumcised, all of that goes away.  The glans becomes hardened and almost calloused in a way.  It no longer is shiny and moist, and it loses a great deal of sensitivity.  There is good news though, through restoration and retaining, most of this can be recovered.

So, when you are restoring, you could just wait until your foreskin is restored enough to cover the glans on its own, and within about 4 to 6 months afterwards, you will regain that sensitivity, shine, and moisture.  Or, you could speed up that part of the process by using some kind of a device to keep the skin stretched down over your glans during the times that you aren’t actively stretching.  Like at night when you are sleeping.  That way, you will at least regain a normally functioning glans long before the skin has actually regrown enough to cover it naturally.  It’s like you’re taking a shortcut for part of the restoration process.

You can really use any number of devices to retain, some people use little o-rings, others use a rubber cone, and I have even read about others using a modified nipple from a baby bottle to function the same way.  Regardless, you can use anything you want as long as it keeps the skin held over the glans all the time, and is comfortable.

I just ordered the rubber cone and will start retaining as soon as it arrives.  I could have started doing this from day one, but for some reason I wanted to just start with the stretching and see how it went first.  But now that I’m a month and a half into it, and am convinced that the process will work, I figured its time to start retaining as well.  So the new routine will be to put the retainer cone on whenever I am not stretching during the day, and also when I go to sleep at night.  I’m curious to see if it will actually stay on while I toss and turn all night, so we’ll see.  But either way, I’m excited to start reaping some of the sensitivity benefits long before the skin is fully restored.  It will certainly help keep me motivated to keep the process going.


Quit dicking around and just get to it

So I talk to a lot of other men out there about my restoration project.  And they express interest, and say they would consider doing it, but that they are taking a “wait and see” approach first to see if I encounter anything along the way that would make it not worth the effort.  In other words, I am the Guinea Pig.  I guess I’m ok with that, but I really don’t see the point.  I have spoken to and read about enough men that have done it successfully, and I fully believe that there is nothing out there that is going to prevent me from achieving my goals here. 

This isn’t some experimental process that some men get lucky with.  It’s been around for quite a while now, and the tools are the best they have ever been.  This process DOES work, and it WILL work with you. It is “tried and true” as they say.  The only thing that varies from man to man is how much time it takes, but from everything I hear, 2 to 2 ½ years is the average.  Some men have taken longer, but that was often due to using older, less effective methods.  One man on the DTR page finished in just over 18 months.  So anything is possible.

By waiting to see how it works out with me first is only selling yourself short.  You too could have a restored foreskin in two years, or you could needlessly wait several months or even years and then start your two year process.  And I say why wait, it’s not like its cost prohibitive, it’s not like it restricts your lifestyle, it’s not like it’s painful.  Just do it, my brothers, JUST DO IT.  Don’t forget that your wives or girlfriends are also suffering from your inaction.  The longer you wait to get started, the longer they (and you) have to wait for the magnificent sex that comes from a restored penis. And that should be motivation enough for anybody to get started sooner rather than later. 

I met the guy who runs the Phoenix NORM chapter this past week, and he is fully restored and said it took him 2 ½ years.  He said the sensations from sex are so much better than he ever imagined they would be, and that the process was so worth it.  It far exceeded his expectations. 

So if you still don’t think you’ll ever want to do it, then don’t.  But if you’re on the fence at all, then quit dicking around and just get to it.  Otherwise I promise you will just kick yourself for waiting. 

It almost shouldn’t be this easy, but I am so glad that it is.

So today is the one month anniversary from when I started.  The last month has been eventful.  So far I have  managed to convince one other individual to purchase a DTR, and I’ve got a handful more that are very close to pulling the trigger.  I have worked hard to spread awareness of foreskin restoration and continue to bring it up with most people I talk to.  Many people I talk to are immediately interested and often ask all kinds of questions.  And while I get that most people haven’t even heard of the idea of restoring their foreskin, I am a little baffled when I tell some people how cheap and easy it is and explain all the benefits and advantages and they still don’t seem to be interested.  Frankly I don’t understand why every guy I tell isn’t jumping for joy at the idea.  Especially if they are married or in a relationship.  Their partners will reap many of the benefits.  In fact, I’ve already posted this link in a previous post, but I’m going to put it here again, because if you have a spouse or significant other who doesn’t understand the benefits of a foreskin or how it positively impacts sex, just read this.

As for progress, I have noticed something that I think is quite substantial.  When I first got the DTR, I could only push the push rod down about an inch at the most, and after a month that has more than doubled.  So much so that the rubber bands don’t supply enough tension with the 4” rod any more.  So I can definitely tell that things are loosening up.  On the one hand this is good because it means its working.  But I don’t really want to switch to the 6” rod because it won’t fit in my pants nearly as well.

So I’ve changed the way I primarily use the device in the meantime.  Instead of relying on the rubber band for tension, I am just pushing the 4” rod down as far as I can and then tightening the tension screw instead.  But I’ve only got about 1/2” of that left and then I will be forced to move to the bigger rod.  But I guess that’s something I’ll just have to get used to.  I can’t yet really see a big difference visually except that the skin is somewhat bunched up around the ridge of my glans.  I also noticed that if you don’t wash the DTR after a couple days, the gripper piece stops gripping.  But a little soap and water fixes that immediately.  This isn’t as apparent in the first two weeks or so since you’re not putting that much tension on it, but after a month you can really crank it down and you need it to be as grippy as possible.

There have also been several instances where I wore my DTR for hours and forgot it was even on.  Once I even found myself bumming out because I realized I had been sitting for quite some time and thought I had forgotten to put it on.  And then I reached down and realized that it was already on and had been the whole time.  This is a sharp contrast to when I first got it and it would start hurting after 30-45 minutes, and with barely any tension.  This is all very encouraging.  It almost shouldn’t be this easy, but I am so glad that it is.  And the fact that it really is turning out to be as non-taxing as I had hoped only makes me want to promote the process even more.  It’s not even like it requires a level of fortitude or “sucking it up and dealing with the pain”, basically all it requires is that you simply remember to put the thing on for most of the day.  And I think most guys can handle that.

Its cheap, its easy, and it will make sex substantially better for both you and your partner(s) for the rest of your life.

So after wearing this thing for almost three weeks, I have come to marvel at its genius.  During the build-up to purchasing the device, I kept telling people that the process was so simple and that there was no reason why every man shouldn’t do this.  But in the back of my mind, I had wondered if I was oversimplifying things and that I would indeed have to endure some hardships while going through this process.  But after almost a month of wearing it daily, I have not experienced anything of the sort.  In fact, its almost the opposite.  The more I wear it, the easier it is.

During the first week, I could only have it on for 30-45 minutes before the skin would get a bit sore and I would have to take it off for a bit.  But now I throw it on, leave the house for a couple hours, go about my day, and sometimes I forget I’m even wearing it.  It still does eventually get sore, but it takes a while to get there.  Can it really be this easy?  I hope so.

I have started adjusting the device to apply more tension at times, and I find myself really being able to wail on it, so to speak.

I have been looking at a couple of different foreskin restoration internet forums, and have learned some interesting things.  There were a number of people on there who also used a DTR device, but had opted to modify their device rather extensively.  I even learned that there is another company out there that actually builds and sells mods just for the DTR.  I’m not going to say anyone is doing it right or wrong, but I personally don’t feel any need to modify mine at all.  I think its amazing just as it is.  I wonder if I will feel the same in 6 months or a year. I guess either way, there are solutions out there.

A couple other observations from the forums – I learned that some men have the unfortunate circumstance of having much less skin to start with, and have to resort to a bunch of manual stretching and various exercises before they can even put a DTR on.  Sometimes even months worth of work.  I am so grateful that I had enough extra skin to begin with.  Because if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have gone through the trouble.  Mad props to those men who overcame that.

Also, there were SEVERAL posts from men who experienced negative reactions or judgment from their significant others when told of their restoration.  And some men who hid the use of the device for weeks or months until they could figure out a way to break it to their wives.  I was very saddened by this.  And I am so grateful that I have a partner who is completely supportive and encouraging and works hard to spread awareness of the process.  I hope that some day foreskin restoration can totally commonplace.  Because so far its way easier than it should be, and I don’t see any reason why it won’t continue to be.

And lastly, progress – At this point I can’t speak to any real, noticeable regrowth, nor should I expect to based on the pictures I have seen.  But I can say that I have noticed the stretch marks that are to be expected when the process is working.  And the skin does feel somewhat looser.  I am encouraged and motivated.

If you read this, please give serious consideration to trying it.  Its cheap, its easy, and it will make sex substantially better for both you and your partner(s) for the rest of your life. And if you think you might be too old, you’re probably not.  There were several men on the forums in their 50’s and 60’s that were restoring with the same level of success.

And so it begins…

I finally received my DTR device in the mail this morning.  It’s quality was as advertised, what a great invention.  Way grippier than I thought it would be.  I’ve only been wearing it for a couple hours at this point, so I only have a few observations, but here they are:

Its very easy to take off, but very hard to put on.  I’m sure this is simply because I do not have that much extra skin to work with in the beginning.  I am sure that as time progresses, it will become much easier to put on. 

It is going to take some experimentation before I figure out how much tension and for how long.  I guess I have to imagine that the whole entire process is going to be experimentation.

It feels a little uncomfortable after an hour or so. 

When its on it looks like my penis has been amputated and replaced with this wacky plastic thing. I can’t wait to show my friends and freak them out. 🙂

This is going to take a lot of patience.  Hopefully the novelty will wear off soon and I can just figure out how to go about my day with this thing on and not think about it too much. Even with the little bit that I have been wearing it, I fully believe this is possible.

Walking around with it on in my pants is more comfortable than I thought it would be.


…More to come.

An Interview About Restoration

Katie: When was the first time you heard about foreskin regrowth?

Kris: About 7 or 8 years ago….at work. Fred (Kris’ former boss) knew a guy who was doing it. He was describing a way that involved tape and I thought that sounded absurd. I completely disregarded the notion immediately and never thought about it again. At the time when he said tape, I know now that he just meant the surgical tape. But at the time I was envisioning, like, scotch tape….and I thought…what a ridiculous thing that somebody would do…tape their dick all up every day? I thought that sounded like the most retarded thing ever.

Katie: And you didn’t think about it again until?

Kris: I started researching it after we started dating (Sept. 2010). I learned that there had been advancements in the process and in the technology.

The notion had occurred to me that sex was better with foreskin. I asked you and a handful of girls. And they all said it was better. I read some interviews, too, with people talking about having foreskin being better. I had heard little bits, but started getting serious a year ago.

Katie: Do you believe in routine infant circumcision?

Kris: No. I think it’s ridiculous. There’s no reason for it whatsoever on any level. And knowing what I know now, and why it started in the first place – that fucking Kellogg goon… I wanna go back in time and shoot him in the head because he ruined generations of men.

Katie: Had you ever thought about the circumcision before you started researching regrowth?

Never thought about it from a human rights perspective, or from a “What’s right and what’s wrong” mindset. I guess if you’d asked me, if I had a kid and I had that option, no way would I do it, but I had never thought about it before because I never planned on having kids.

Katie: Had you ever wondered why your own mother circumcised you?

Kris: I just assumed she did it because that’s what every conventional mother did in the mid 70s and that’s just what you did. I don’t blame her at all.

Katie: Why are you regrowing your foreskin?

Kris: Some of it’s practical: I’m sick of the skin getting chaffed and everybody says it feels like a hundred times better – obviously not as good as an original foreskin, but much better than no foreskin at all. The sex in general – from both perspectives – feels better. If that’s what normal is, I’d like to get back to normal. I’d like to feel what it’s like to be normal in that regard. After having researched it I have discovered that it’s actually not invasive or as much of a hassle as it once was and that it can be done relatively easily. Yeah it takes a couple of years….and maybe I’m oversimplifying, but it’s something that’s doable in a short amount of time. And for not that much money. And it doesn’t involve surgery or anything like that. So I could  be sitting here in two years either with a foreskin, or without one. It’s up to me.

Katie: What would you say to someone who was considering, or was on the fence about foreskin regrowth?

Kris: If I was trying to convince a grown man I’d come at it from the same angle. It’s easy, it’s cheap, sex is better – why wouldn’t you.

Katie: What would you say if a friend of yours found out he was having a boy and was planning to circumcise?

Kris: I would ask why and I’d tell him he’s crazy and totally uninformed. I would also point out that it’s not his choice to make….and that people are born that way for a reason and that cutting that shit off doesn’t do anybody any good. I could give you a whole host of other reasons why, but that’s the basic idea. There’s tons of documentation and research that says why people in the U.S. did it in the first place. Tell ‘em about Kellogg – anybody who has half a brain would know that was retarded. The U.S. is the only country on the planet where the majority of the people are cut. Even in Canada and Mexico it’s not like that. It’s just the U.S. and maybe Israel….but I don’t want to go into the religious reasons why. That’s a whole other issue.

Katie: What do you think about the excuse/reason people give that a circumcised penis is cleaner, and easier to clean in general?

Kris: To me that notion is completely absurd. You can’t clean yourself?? There’s other shit that gets dirty. You’re gonna mutilate you’re body and ruin all kinds of normally functioning pieces of your body because you don’t know how to clean it? Ask the 90% of the planet that has foreskin – what do they do?? As a baby/child, the foreskin is fused to the penis just like a fingernail. There’s no need to retract. You just clean it like anything else. And as the foreskin retracts – again, you just clean it like anything else. I’d rather teach my kid how to clean his dick, than to just chop it off because I feel like that’s too much trouble.

Katie: What about the idea of a circumcised father who wants his son to look the same as he does?

Kris: That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I’d say – If I shot you in the face would you wanna shoot your kid in the face because that’s what you look like? No. Just because that’s what you have or don’t have doesn’t meant that it’s right.

Katie: Which device have you chosen, and why?

Kris: The DTR device. www.foreskinrestore.com. It was the most complete and self contained product. Some of the other ones were weird kits where you take random stuff and assemble it into this thing that essentially does the same thing (as the DTR), but it’s like you’re using pieces that weren’t ever meant to do it. The DTR was designed and manufactured specifically for this purpose. And it doesn’t require tape and it’s really versatile and cost effective. The website was loaded with info and the man has done it himself and he shows pictures of himself every month. The results speak for themselves.

Katie: Any other resources you found helpful that you want to share?

Kris: The National Organization of Restoring Men www.norm-phoenix.org. They have support groups and lots of info.



Why I Decided to Restore

Growing up as a child of the 70’s & 80’s, I thought I was normal by having a circumcised penis.  Every male I knew was circumcised.  I didn’t even see an uncircumcised penis until I was into my 20’s, and that came via a European porn film.  Because I grew up in a fairly mainstream household, and was generally just exposed to mainstream media, I never thought twice about being circumcised.  That’s just the way it was.  It wasn’t until the advent of the Internet and access to a world of information did I realize that circumcision was not only unnecessary, but completely wrong on every level.

Now that I had learned this information, I still didn’t think there was anything that could be done.  And frankly I didn’t really care at the time.  I mean, I knew it was wrong, but I had lived my whole life this way and had not experienced any real problems or complications in my life as a result.  So I just went on with my life knowing that this is just the way it was and I was one of the millions of circumcision victims that this country produced.

In the late 90’s, I heard of some guy, a friend of a friend, who was attempting to restore his foreskin.  At that point in time there was still not a lot going on in the world of foreskin restoration.  The tools were clunky and primitive.  It involved a lot of tape and a lot of time, and to me that sounded like nothing that I wanted any part of.  It took me at least another 10 years until I ever revisited the thought of foreskin restoration.

Once I got a ways into my 30’s, I began to notice something different when I had sex.  More and more frequently, my penis would be chafed and red after sex, and would sometimes take a few days to fully recover.  In addition to that, I noticed that sensitivity in my penis had decreased noticeably.  This prompted me to research foreskin restoration once again.  It had been quite a bit of time since I last looked, so I had to believe that the technology had improved.  And sure enough, it had.  There was now a wealth of information out there, as well as several different types of devices designed to complete the task.

After several hours of research, I learned that foreskin restoration would virtually eliminate all of the chafing, as well as restore a great amount of the sensitivity that was lost by the original circumcision.  And not only that, it was something that could be done cheaply, and relatively easily.  Well, by relatively, I mean, wearing a skin stretching device on your penis for hours every day, for somewhere around two years or so.  But in all reality it’s something that is do-able for most men out there.

So, I have decided to do it, and I am going to blog my progress here.  Stay tuned for updated and monthly photos of my restoration project.  My hope is that I will inspire other circumcised men to do the same, and to help them realize that this isn’t just some pipe dream.  It can be done, and people do it every day.