A little about me, and why I decided to do this

I wish I still had my foreskin. After researching circumcision for the first time in my life, and finding out that there was a very simple and easy way to restore my foreskin, the decision to restore was quite simple:

In approximately two years from now I could either have  a foreskin, or be sitting here wishing I did. So, I went with the former.

I am hoping to inspire my generation especially, and whoever else of course, to not circumcise their babies.

I want to share my experience so that men who have been circumcised know that they are not alone in wishing they had not been cut. And that there is something they can do about it. Sure, foreskin restoration will not restore you to your perfectly pre-cut state. But it sure is better than nothing – for you, and for your partner.

And this is my story.


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  1. I just have to say that the fact that you’re blogging about this is wonderful! Thank you for letting us into this private matter and sharing all the details. It’s so awesome of you. My husband and I are against routine infant circumcision and left our son whole. My husband is cut, I’m learning a lot about the benefits of restoration and in the process I learned that the problems we have in the bedroom are b/c of the fact that he is circ’d. I thought it was normal and every man and women felt this and should expect it, but I was sure wrong. I haven’t brought up restoration to him yet, but plan on it very soon, I just wanted to be well informed first, and your blog will be the catalyst of my gentling bringing this to his attention, and I think, him seeing the benefits and being encouraged to do it! I applaud you! And thank you so much for being so brave!

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