The Thing About Restoring Is…

So over the past several months I have come to learn that there is no one definitive way to restore.  Everybody does it a little differently, and everybody progresses at a different rate.  There are many many different devices out there.  But there are probably a solid four or five that are the most common.  And then the next question is how you use the device, and for how long each day?

I’ll start with what I have been doing.  I use a device called a DTR.  I think its the best, but I will admit that it is also the only device that I have tried.  The reason I think its the best is because I know there are other devices out there with a similar design, but the parts look rather shoddy, almost home made.  The DTR is stout, robust, well made, and holds up well to long term daily usage.  I try to wear the DTR for at least a few hours every day, at moderate to high tension.  I usually wear it for around 60 to 90 minutes at a time, and then I take it off for at least an hour and put it on again later.

After doing this for approximately 10 months, I have regrown a lot of new skin.  But not as much as perhaps I was hoping to by this point.  So that got me thinking “What are other people doing differently?”  So I hit the forums and tried to find out.  And it turns out that pretty much no one does any of it the same way.  Some people wear it for 8 hours strait.  Some people wear it for 20 minutes a day.  Some people take 6 months to restore, and others take 10 years.  Some people use elaborate devices that involve attaching a strap to your penis and pulling the strap up around your shoulders or down to your knees.  There is even a DTR modification kit that will allow you to inflate your foreskin like a balloon as a way to stretch the skin.  Meanwhile, other people don’t use a device at all.

Recently a guy posted some fantastic photos of his newly restored foreskin.  I asked him how long it took, and what device did he use.  To my amazement, he said it took just under a year, and he didn’t use a device at all.  He just manually stretched his foreskin with his hands for 20 minutes every evening while watching TV.  Needless to say, I was baffled.  How was this possible?  At this point I started to question everything about my routine.  I am still confident that I am using an effective device, but perhaps I need to change up how often and for how long I wear it.

Then just a few days ago, another guy on the forums proposed an experiment.  The goal of his experiment was to try to establish whether or not skin would regrow if you wore the DTR for a short amount of time every day.  So the experiment is to wear the device for just 20 minutes, twice a day, for six weeks, with a day of rest each week.  At the beginning of each week we take a new progress photo.

So I figured what the hell.  It’s not like I’m doing great on my own.  So I am now 3 days into the experiment.  And honestly I don’t mind if it doesn’t produce radical results.  All I am really looking for is a definitive one way or the other.  If it works, then I will know that it works (for me personally anyway), and I will keep doing it.  And if it doesn’t work, then I will know to go back to what I was doing, or try something different altogether.

This also got me thinking, what are some of the variables that go into the growth rate?  Does penis size matter?  What about the thickness of the penis skin? What about the person’s race or skin color?  I’m sure the circumcision itself plays a role too.  Like how much skin was cut off to begin with.  Sometimes the inner-foreskin skin is left on some penises, and sometimes it is not.  Does inner foreskin skin regrow faster than outer foreskin skin?  Who knows.  Sometimes there is a greater amount of scar tissue and sometimes there is not.  I would like to think that diet and overall health comes into play, but the guy that regrew his in a year with his bare hands was not exactly a picture of good health.  Are there nutritional supplements and/or oils that either help or inhibit skin regrowth?  I would hate to think that I am actively consuming something on a regular basis that is actually inhibiting my progress.  But who the hell knows.  Foreskin restoration is like uncharted territory for the scientific community, so we’re all just left to our own devices.  Some people are lucky, and others just have to be persistent.  The only thing we all know for sure, is that it does work, and that a new foreskin is guaranteed.  But how quickly is still anyone’s guess.

No matter what though, I am still so happy that I am doing this.  Its actually a fun experiment.  I mean, not many people can say they regenerated an amputated body part through persistence and hard work.  I am proud of the progress I have made, and I look forward to the day when I can show my penis to someone and they won’t be able to tell that I was ever circumcised.


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