Let’s Get The Ball Rolling

So I am coming to the realization that there isn’t much to report these days.  Everything is going well.  I continue to put the device on every day, or almost every day, and my foreskin continues to grow.  I can see it and feel it every day.  The process is working just like it is supposed to.  And my progress is almost exactly the same as the progress photos on the DTR website.  Right now I have completed 5 months, and the skin is bunched up right at the coronal ridge, and it’s a safe bet that in the next few months it will be up and over the ridge just like the guy on the DTR site.

So the bottom line is, I just keep doing it, and it just keeps working.  And all of the things I said in the beginning about how easy it is, and how painless it is, and how it just plain works like I said it was going to still hold true.  I am 5 months in and there has not been one single instance that has come along and made me question my decision.  And I am completely confident that there is not going to be a situation that arises that will prompt me to deem the project a failure and cause me to quit prematurely.  So if anyone out there was just sort of standing by, waiting to see how it works out with me first, you can be sure at this point that it works great, and everything is doing exactly what it is supposed to.

So come on everyone, let’s make this happen.  If you’re a guy with a circumcised penis, what are you waiting for?  If you’re a woman with a circumcised partner, start hammering your man with the truth.  Tell him that it is your human right to fornicate with a properly functioning penis and that he needs to take action and do something about it.  You deserve better, and eventually he’ll realize he does too.

Knowing what I know now about the sexual functions of a foreskin, I can’t understand for the life of me why anyone would continue to settle for the lame-ass sex that results from a circumcised penis.  And if you are circumcised and you think you are already having rocking sex and don’t think you need to change anything, imagine if your rocking sex could be vastly improved in ways you have never imagined?  You would do whatever it took, wouldn’t you? Well restore your foreskin and that’s exactly what you will get.

Right now I am happy to be “That guy who is restoring his foreskin”, but I really want to be “That guy who started a revolution.”  And I really DON’T want to be “That guy who completely restored his foreskin while everyone else just stood by and watched and then wished theirs was restored too.”  Don’t make me be that guy.  The evidence is overwhelmingly clear.  Let’s get the ball rolling.


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