Decisions, decisions…

So I stumbled onto this device yesterday called a Senslip, and I’m not sure what to think.  It’s like a fake foreskin sleeve that you put on your penis.  The purpose of it is to enable dekeratinization of the glans and restore sensitivity.  However, their intent with the device is for you to pretty much wear one of these things forever.  Because if you don’t then the keratinization will return, and also, during the times that you don’t have one on, the head of your penis will be SUPER sensitive to the point where unless you are actively engaging in sex, it will be rather annoying.

One thing that sort of turned me off is that they don’t really promote or embrace the idea of restoration, they simply say it is too long and difficult, and that you should just wear one of these things forever instead.  I get it, a lifelong customer is always better than a temporary one.  But they are missing out on a market by not selling these to restorers as well.  They could market them as a shortcut to sensitivity.

I considered trying one out, because it would dekeratinize me until my foreskin was restored enough to take over the job of covering my glans on its own.  A shortcut that would be similar to the retainer devices I have mentioned in previous posts.  But my concern is that if I got one of these, then I would be “hooked” on them until my foreskin got long enough to do the job on its own.  And I don’t know if I want that.  I feel like it’s just one more device I would have to mess with, one more thing I have to clean and put on.  I kind of want to just wait until my foreskin is able to do the job on its own.  I like the idea of my penis being natural even if it is circumcised.  The whole idea of wearing my DTR, and then taking it off and putting the Senslip on and then switching back and forth all day long sounds a bit daunting to me.  Plus, it is made of latex, and I don’t want my dick smelling like latex all the time.  I imagine that would be a turn-off.

But then I ask myself, what if the sensation that I’m missing out on is so great that, had I known, I would have bought one of these things a long time ago because it would have been worth all the fuss?  But then another part of me thinks, well, I’ve gone this long without experiencing it, what’s another year or so?  I’ll still get to enjoy the increased sensation for the rest of my life once I’m restored, so dicking around with a fake foreskin in the meantime isn’t really worth the trouble.

I think if I wasn’t restoring, then I would probably go down this route, because at least then I wouldn’t have to switch back and forth all day.

I also have considered buying one just to see what it feels like so that I can speak about it from personal experience instead of speculation.  I still may.  The jury is still out.

And on a totally unrelated note, I have now read multiple accounts from men who have restored their foreskins in a fraction of the time that seems normal.  Everything I have read says that the average is 2-3 years.  Some have taken as many as 7!  But if you are diligent, and you were fortunate enough to not have a really tight cut, then 2 years is normal.  But lately I have heard about people who have restored full flaccid coverage in as little as 6 or 7 months.  Frankly I am baffled by this.  It just doesn’t seem physically possible.  Even 12 to 18 months seems somewhat plausible, but 6 or 7?!  I just don’t get it.  I understand how skin growth works, and it’s not an overnight process.  I hope to meet someone someday who has restored this quickly and can show me and prove to me that they did it in 7 months.

When I first read an account of this, I just laughed it off.  I thought they were just embellishing and exaggerating to sound cool or something.  But I have now read several independent accounts that say similar things, albeit they are still in the small minority.  But needless to say, my curiosity is piqued, because if there is something I can be doing to speed up the process, then I am all for it.  Because even though the process I am going through is entirely endurable, I would be lying if I said I didn’t want it to go quicker.  And not because the process sucks, but simply because I want to be enjoying the benefits of a restored foreskin that much sooner.

Also, I have been reading a bit more on the forums, and there are lots of people out there who desire to keep going until they have full coverage while erect.  Normally, with most natural intact penises, you are fully covered when flaccid, and then the foreskin retracts as it erects.  I know there are some exceptions out there, but that’s how it normally works for the vast majority.  So I’m not sure what the additional benefits are by continuing to keep restoring so that the foreskin covers the full erect penis.  I mean, the two main functions of a foreskin are to keep the glans covered while flaccid, and to provide a linear gliding mechanism during sex, both of which are fully effective if you restore to the point of flaccid coverage.

So if you were to keep going, then what would happen?  Would the gliding sensation be improved?  Would the extra foreskin enhance or detract from the sensation on the head of the penis?  Who knows.  I would like to talk to someone who has gone this far and ask them if it’s better.


Let’s Get The Ball Rolling

So I am coming to the realization that there isn’t much to report these days.  Everything is going well.  I continue to put the device on every day, or almost every day, and my foreskin continues to grow.  I can see it and feel it every day.  The process is working just like it is supposed to.  And my progress is almost exactly the same as the progress photos on the DTR website.  Right now I have completed 5 months, and the skin is bunched up right at the coronal ridge, and it’s a safe bet that in the next few months it will be up and over the ridge just like the guy on the DTR site.

So the bottom line is, I just keep doing it, and it just keeps working.  And all of the things I said in the beginning about how easy it is, and how painless it is, and how it just plain works like I said it was going to still hold true.  I am 5 months in and there has not been one single instance that has come along and made me question my decision.  And I am completely confident that there is not going to be a situation that arises that will prompt me to deem the project a failure and cause me to quit prematurely.  So if anyone out there was just sort of standing by, waiting to see how it works out with me first, you can be sure at this point that it works great, and everything is doing exactly what it is supposed to.

So come on everyone, let’s make this happen.  If you’re a guy with a circumcised penis, what are you waiting for?  If you’re a woman with a circumcised partner, start hammering your man with the truth.  Tell him that it is your human right to fornicate with a properly functioning penis and that he needs to take action and do something about it.  You deserve better, and eventually he’ll realize he does too.

Knowing what I know now about the sexual functions of a foreskin, I can’t understand for the life of me why anyone would continue to settle for the lame-ass sex that results from a circumcised penis.  And if you are circumcised and you think you are already having rocking sex and don’t think you need to change anything, imagine if your rocking sex could be vastly improved in ways you have never imagined?  You would do whatever it took, wouldn’t you? Well restore your foreskin and that’s exactly what you will get.

Right now I am happy to be “That guy who is restoring his foreskin”, but I really want to be “That guy who started a revolution.”  And I really DON’T want to be “That guy who completely restored his foreskin while everyone else just stood by and watched and then wished theirs was restored too.”  Don’t make me be that guy.  The evidence is overwhelmingly clear.  Let’s get the ball rolling.