My First Taste of Adversity

So this last month has given me my first taste of adversity in my path to a new foreskin.  Once the weather heated up a few things changed.  The first is, you tend to sweat a little more when it’s hot out all the time.  And it’s not like my junk is dripping sweat all day long or anything, but even the slightest increase in sweat can make the gripper not grip as well.  Combine that with the fact that I have been wearing very little clothing over the past month, and that has helped to create more sexual energy with my girlfriend.  And more sexual energy leads to more erections.  And each time I get an erection, even if it’s just a half of one, even if it’s just for a couple minutes while we’re kissing in the kitchen, the DTR has to come off right away or it ends up getting pushed off on its own and it hurts.  A process we affectionately refer to as “boning out of my stretcher.”  And so in order to keep it on for any length of time, I have to constantly wash the device, wash my penis, and hope I don’t get an erection for the next little while.  And frankly, there were more than a handful of days where that just wasn’t practical.

Up to this point, there had been maybe like 3 days total where I didn’t wear it at all.  In this last month alone there were probably about 7-10 days where either I didn’t wear it at all, or wore it for only an hour at most.  That is until I left Phoenix and headed north to cooler temperatures and no girlfriend on my trip.  But since I left on the 1st, I have worn that thing almost nonstop.  I’m making up for lost time I suppose.  And luckily I haven’t noticed any real adverse effects or any kind of reversal of stretchiness or anything like that.  In fact, I can stretch it as much now as I ever have.  So it looks like steady progress is still being made despite the minor setback.  In fact, I’m very close to moving up from the 4” rod to the 5” rod.  Actually I should probably get around to ordering it soon, I could probably switch to it now.

Also, I hosted another educational event this last month, only a few people showed again, but I managed to blow their minds anyway.  Everyone I present to is just totally surprised by what they did not know, and even though it’s only a few people each time, it’s very inspiring and motivating to do this.  And I will keep doing it, and eventually lots of people will come.

And lastly, I will be traveling off and on for the most of the summer, so my updates will be coming from the road.  This will also be another test for me as my routine will be pretty much non-existent during this time.  But the one good thing I have going for me as that most of my travels will be in cooler climates, so the whole sweat issue should not be a factor.  So we’ll see how it goes.



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