Random Thoughts and a Month 3 Update

So this past month I have worked hard to create more awareness for foreskin restoration.  I have conducted group discussions, answered emails, and showed my penis to multiple rooms full of people.  I love the looks and the reactions I get from people.  Many are astonished when they see the device in action.  And without a doubt, the first thing out of everyone’s mouth when they see me put the device on is “WOW!…Does it hurt?”  And the answer is a resounding NO.  It does not hurt, yet so many people continue to ask.  Though I suppose if I were looking at it on someone for the first time, it might look like something that might be painful, but I can assure you that it’s not.  Like I have said before, there are several times throughout the day where I forget it’s even on.  Not only does it not hurt, but usually I can’t even feel it at all.

It has been exciting to witness the genuine interest that I have generated for this process, though I am always surprised when I encounter people who digest all of the information regarding foreskin restoration and still don’t see the merit in doing it.  But I just have to remind myself that I didn’t immediately jump on the bandwagon either.  It took me months to actually decide to do it, and then additional weeks before I actually purchased the tool.  So I just have to keep encouraging people, because at this point there are probably dozens of people that are right there on the fence and just need a little push over the edge.

Some people have asked me if I am affiliated with the maker of the device and am getting kickbacks or something since I push this stuff so hard.  I am definitely not affiliated.  I don’t have anything to gain by promoting the device.  I am just super passionate about it because its cheap, its amazing, and its guaranteed to work.  And the more people I meet, I realize that the vast majority of men have simply never heard of the process.  But once they learn a little about it, they are totally on board.  And if anything, I just want to have some other dudes out there that can relate to the amazingness that a restored foreskin brings to their lives.  So I want get people going soon so that they aren’t too far behind me.

As far as progress goes, I have started to get a big bunch of skin that bunches up at the coronal ridge, and I can feel the extra skin when I masturbate, but still not really when I am having sex yet.  I still have a ways to go before it regrows enough to actually go up and over the coronal ridge.  I expect that sometime around month 6 or 7.  So for now I am just continuing to put the thing on as much as possible and try not to think about it so much.  There is definitely no instant gratification here, but there is enough incremental improvements throughout to keep me motivated.

Another thing I hear a lot from people when I tell them about restoration is, “I don’t think I have the patience to do that.”  And my first thought is, it doesn’t require patience.  Like, at all.  It simply  requires that you establish a simple new routine in your life.  To me, something that requires patience is something that requires you to actively tell yourself things like “ok, I can do this, keep calm, be patient, it will be over soon.” etc.  Like as if you’re waiting in a long line for the new iPad or something.  But this doesn’t require you to actively think about anything.  You just put it on and forget about it and go about your day.  Zero patience involved.  New routine, yes.  Commitment, yes.  Patience, no.

Also, I feel like some of these thoughts have already been expressed in previous posts, but they keep coming up again and again when I talk to new people as I go through this process, so I guess I’ll keep expressing them.

I really can’t wait until I’m like year or so into the process and I have a significant amount of regrowth, because then when I show people they will really have something tangible to look at and it will be that much more compelling of a demonstration.

And lastly, I will be hosting another discussion next week regarding restoration, and this time it will be co-ed.  I will send out a Facebook Event notice in the next day or so.


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