A new tool enters the mix

Its time to talk about retaining, but first a little background.  When a penis is circumcised, it changes the glans from an internal organ, to an external.  The glans of the penis is supposed to stay covered all the time by a foreskin.  When it is covered in its natural state, it stays shiny and moist and is able to self lubricate to an extent.  It also stays very sensitive, and provides much of the sensitivity during sex.  When a penis is circumcised, all of that goes away.  The glans becomes hardened and almost calloused in a way.  It no longer is shiny and moist, and it loses a great deal of sensitivity.  There is good news though, through restoration and retaining, most of this can be recovered.

So, when you are restoring, you could just wait until your foreskin is restored enough to cover the glans on its own, and within about 4 to 6 months afterwards, you will regain that sensitivity, shine, and moisture.  Or, you could speed up that part of the process by using some kind of a device to keep the skin stretched down over your glans during the times that you aren’t actively stretching.  Like at night when you are sleeping.  That way, you will at least regain a normally functioning glans long before the skin has actually regrown enough to cover it naturally.  It’s like you’re taking a shortcut for part of the restoration process.

You can really use any number of devices to retain, some people use little o-rings, others use a rubber cone, and I have even read about others using a modified nipple from a baby bottle to function the same way.  Regardless, you can use anything you want as long as it keeps the skin held over the glans all the time, and is comfortable.

I just ordered the rubber cone and will start retaining as soon as it arrives.  I could have started doing this from day one, but for some reason I wanted to just start with the stretching and see how it went first.  But now that I’m a month and a half into it, and am convinced that the process will work, I figured its time to start retaining as well.  So the new routine will be to put the retainer cone on whenever I am not stretching during the day, and also when I go to sleep at night.  I’m curious to see if it will actually stay on while I toss and turn all night, so we’ll see.  But either way, I’m excited to start reaping some of the sensitivity benefits long before the skin is fully restored.  It will certainly help keep me motivated to keep the process going.


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