It almost shouldn’t be this easy, but I am so glad that it is.

So today is the one month anniversary from when I started.  The last month has been eventful.  So far I have  managed to convince one other individual to purchase a DTR, and I’ve got a handful more that are very close to pulling the trigger.  I have worked hard to spread awareness of foreskin restoration and continue to bring it up with most people I talk to.  Many people I talk to are immediately interested and often ask all kinds of questions.  And while I get that most people haven’t even heard of the idea of restoring their foreskin, I am a little baffled when I tell some people how cheap and easy it is and explain all the benefits and advantages and they still don’t seem to be interested.  Frankly I don’t understand why every guy I tell isn’t jumping for joy at the idea.  Especially if they are married or in a relationship.  Their partners will reap many of the benefits.  In fact, I’ve already posted this link in a previous post, but I’m going to put it here again, because if you have a spouse or significant other who doesn’t understand the benefits of a foreskin or how it positively impacts sex, just read this.

As for progress, I have noticed something that I think is quite substantial.  When I first got the DTR, I could only push the push rod down about an inch at the most, and after a month that has more than doubled.  So much so that the rubber bands don’t supply enough tension with the 4” rod any more.  So I can definitely tell that things are loosening up.  On the one hand this is good because it means its working.  But I don’t really want to switch to the 6” rod because it won’t fit in my pants nearly as well.

So I’ve changed the way I primarily use the device in the meantime.  Instead of relying on the rubber band for tension, I am just pushing the 4” rod down as far as I can and then tightening the tension screw instead.  But I’ve only got about 1/2” of that left and then I will be forced to move to the bigger rod.  But I guess that’s something I’ll just have to get used to.  I can’t yet really see a big difference visually except that the skin is somewhat bunched up around the ridge of my glans.  I also noticed that if you don’t wash the DTR after a couple days, the gripper piece stops gripping.  But a little soap and water fixes that immediately.  This isn’t as apparent in the first two weeks or so since you’re not putting that much tension on it, but after a month you can really crank it down and you need it to be as grippy as possible.

There have also been several instances where I wore my DTR for hours and forgot it was even on.  Once I even found myself bumming out because I realized I had been sitting for quite some time and thought I had forgotten to put it on.  And then I reached down and realized that it was already on and had been the whole time.  This is a sharp contrast to when I first got it and it would start hurting after 30-45 minutes, and with barely any tension.  This is all very encouraging.  It almost shouldn’t be this easy, but I am so glad that it is.  And the fact that it really is turning out to be as non-taxing as I had hoped only makes me want to promote the process even more.  It’s not even like it requires a level of fortitude or “sucking it up and dealing with the pain”, basically all it requires is that you simply remember to put the thing on for most of the day.  And I think most guys can handle that.


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