An Interview About Restoration

Katie: When was the first time you heard about foreskin regrowth?

Kris: About 7 or 8 years ago….at work. Fred (Kris’ former boss) knew a guy who was doing it. He was describing a way that involved tape and I thought that sounded absurd. I completely disregarded the notion immediately and never thought about it again. At the time when he said tape, I know now that he just meant the surgical tape. But at the time I was envisioning, like, scotch tape….and I thought…what a ridiculous thing that somebody would do…tape their dick all up every day? I thought that sounded like the most retarded thing ever.

Katie: And you didn’t think about it again until?

Kris: I started researching it after we started dating (Sept. 2010). I learned that there had been advancements in the process and in the technology.

The notion had occurred to me that sex was better with foreskin. I asked you and a handful of girls. And they all said it was better. I read some interviews, too, with people talking about having foreskin being better. I had heard little bits, but started getting serious a year ago.

Katie: Do you believe in routine infant circumcision?

Kris: No. I think it’s ridiculous. There’s no reason for it whatsoever on any level. And knowing what I know now, and why it started in the first place – that fucking Kellogg goon… I wanna go back in time and shoot him in the head because he ruined generations of men.

Katie: Had you ever thought about the circumcision before you started researching regrowth?

Never thought about it from a human rights perspective, or from a “What’s right and what’s wrong” mindset. I guess if you’d asked me, if I had a kid and I had that option, no way would I do it, but I had never thought about it before because I never planned on having kids.

Katie: Had you ever wondered why your own mother circumcised you?

Kris: I just assumed she did it because that’s what every conventional mother did in the mid 70s and that’s just what you did. I don’t blame her at all.

Katie: Why are you regrowing your foreskin?

Kris: Some of it’s practical: I’m sick of the skin getting chaffed and everybody says it feels like a hundred times better – obviously not as good as an original foreskin, but much better than no foreskin at all. The sex in general – from both perspectives – feels better. If that’s what normal is, I’d like to get back to normal. I’d like to feel what it’s like to be normal in that regard. After having researched it I have discovered that it’s actually not invasive or as much of a hassle as it once was and that it can be done relatively easily. Yeah it takes a couple of years….and maybe I’m oversimplifying, but it’s something that’s doable in a short amount of time. And for not that much money. And it doesn’t involve surgery or anything like that. So I could  be sitting here in two years either with a foreskin, or without one. It’s up to me.

Katie: What would you say to someone who was considering, or was on the fence about foreskin regrowth?

Kris: If I was trying to convince a grown man I’d come at it from the same angle. It’s easy, it’s cheap, sex is better – why wouldn’t you.

Katie: What would you say if a friend of yours found out he was having a boy and was planning to circumcise?

Kris: I would ask why and I’d tell him he’s crazy and totally uninformed. I would also point out that it’s not his choice to make….and that people are born that way for a reason and that cutting that shit off doesn’t do anybody any good. I could give you a whole host of other reasons why, but that’s the basic idea. There’s tons of documentation and research that says why people in the U.S. did it in the first place. Tell ‘em about Kellogg – anybody who has half a brain would know that was retarded. The U.S. is the only country on the planet where the majority of the people are cut. Even in Canada and Mexico it’s not like that. It’s just the U.S. and maybe Israel….but I don’t want to go into the religious reasons why. That’s a whole other issue.

Katie: What do you think about the excuse/reason people give that a circumcised penis is cleaner, and easier to clean in general?

Kris: To me that notion is completely absurd. You can’t clean yourself?? There’s other shit that gets dirty. You’re gonna mutilate you’re body and ruin all kinds of normally functioning pieces of your body because you don’t know how to clean it? Ask the 90% of the planet that has foreskin – what do they do?? As a baby/child, the foreskin is fused to the penis just like a fingernail. There’s no need to retract. You just clean it like anything else. And as the foreskin retracts – again, you just clean it like anything else. I’d rather teach my kid how to clean his dick, than to just chop it off because I feel like that’s too much trouble.

Katie: What about the idea of a circumcised father who wants his son to look the same as he does?

Kris: That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I’d say – If I shot you in the face would you wanna shoot your kid in the face because that’s what you look like? No. Just because that’s what you have or don’t have doesn’t meant that it’s right.

Katie: Which device have you chosen, and why?

Kris: The DTR device. It was the most complete and self contained product. Some of the other ones were weird kits where you take random stuff and assemble it into this thing that essentially does the same thing (as the DTR), but it’s like you’re using pieces that weren’t ever meant to do it. The DTR was designed and manufactured specifically for this purpose. And it doesn’t require tape and it’s really versatile and cost effective. The website was loaded with info and the man has done it himself and he shows pictures of himself every month. The results speak for themselves.

Katie: Any other resources you found helpful that you want to share?

Kris: The National Organization of Restoring Men They have support groups and lots of info.





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  2. I wanted to mention that in the 60’s when I was born, most boys in Canada were cut. It was rare that any male from that time had his foreskin intact. My wife had a daycare not that long ago and couples were still bringing in their circumcised boys for her care. I know the number of baby boys being cut has gone down significantly. The Pediatric Society is no longer recommending it and it is no longer covered by our Canadian health care system but some parents are still cutting their boys here. It is disgusting and it angers me a lot. I consider it child abuse.

    I’m restoring as well but it is very slow progress for me!

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